Covid-19 Support Nurses Project

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Smart Health Solutions have responded to the different needs and requirements of the community to assist the London Borough of Bromley to deliver support, training and advice to the numerous and diverse care settings. They have developed an innovative support nurses team to respond to outbreak queries, offer training for PPE in the care homes and to relieve the Public Health Nurses, whose had become overwhelmed with their workload.

The Support Nurses are able to work remotely with the assistance of networking software and enables the team to provide up to the minute training and guidance for the health care staff within the Borough. Weekly communication ensures that the services provided by Smart Health are updated according to the demands of the service, and flexible working enables full support throughout the working day.

Quality and Effectiveness is recognised and monitored by a daily audit and regular updates together with a competency based approach for training our Support Nurses and the Staff within the London Borough of Bromley.

Michaela Nuttall RGN Msc Dip N

Clinical Lead

Michaela is a CVD nurse specialist with a unique and varied experience across the NHS and beyond. She developed her passion for prevention and training over 20 years ago and has worked within it ever since. Along with being a trainer at Smart Health she is the Head of CVD Prevention at Public Health England and an Associate in Nursing for C3 Health. She is the Chair of the Health Care Committee of Heart UK and an invited member of the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum.

Joanne Haws RN MSc

Governance Lead

Joanne is an independent nurse consultant and specialist in cardiovascular disease. She is the Chair of the Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Working Party of The British and Irish Hypertension Society and is also an Education Committee member of The European Society of Cardiology Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions. Since 2015 Joanne has provided clinical project and leadership support to The Breckland Alliance Primary Care.

Naomi Stetson RGN Dip N FBIHS

Project Co-Ordinator

Naomi is a Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease specialist nurse, she trained at UCLH and completed her specialist training at the University of Glasgow. Currently she is Lead Nurse at Peart Rose Hypertension Clinic. Naomi has been part of the BIHS for 20 years and has developed training modules on their behalf. She was part of the NICE CG127 Hypertension Guidelines and the Topic Expert Group. She has a breadth of experience in both Primary and Secondary Care and has delivered education programmes both in the Europe and Africa.

Work Stream Leads

Sarah O’Donnell

Email Support


Sarah O’Donnell studied at the university of Bradford, qualifying in 2014 as a registered Adult Nurse. During her time as a student nurse she was also a student representative, school representative and university senator. In her final year she was awarded university representative of the year, Sarah was also a finalist for the Nursing Times Awards.

Whilst studying Sarah also became a Care Maker, under the Chief Nursing Officer’s 6 C’s scheme, promoting the 6 C’s in practice, speaking at events around the UK and direct to student nurses.

In her final year she created and held a conference titled Learning Disability Action Aware (LDAA). The conference taught 400 adult student nurses the skills of how to support LD patients through the healthcare system.

Sarah completed her sign off placement in general practice, the passion for becoming a GPN (general practice nurse) was here developed. Post-qualifying Sarah studied a 6-month intense course in advanced nursing practice. Then went on to employment as a GPN where she has worked since.

Throughout the last 4 ½ years Sarah has championed and mentored people in general practice, and became a Senior Lead GPN within the second year of qualifying.

Currently Sarah works in practice and also leads the GPN Student Nurse Network (GPNSNN) an idea that came through her own experience and through seeing lack of support and encouragement into the GPN career pathway. The GPNSNN was made possible through NHS England backing and links in with the GPN 10 point plan.

Joanne Telford

Email Support


Hi! My name is Joanne Telford. I qualified as a Registered Adult Nurse in September 2017. I have worked as a General Practice Nurse for three years, and I am now working as a Community Staff Nurse in North Lancashire.

I have had the chance to train in many areas, some of these are: immunisation and vaccinations, contraception, cervical cytology and the management of diabetes. Health promotion and promoting patient choice and empowering are aspects of my role that I enjoy. I welcome the challenge as a Covid Support Nurse and look forward to supporting the efforts of keeping our communities safe.

Debbie Terry

HPC Champions Network


Qualified as a general nurse for over 26 years, I have a wealth of experience in general practice and primary care. Many of those years have been spent in specialist respiratory nursing, both as a nurse specialist and in operational management roles. As an independent prescriber, I now hold a position as Community Matron, focusing upon the management of Long Term Conditions, Frailty and hospital avoidance.

Alongside my clinical role, I also work as an independent training consultant, delivering clinical and non-clinical training courses nationwide.

Corinne Hayes

HPC Champions Network


Corinne Hayes, RGN, is currently working as a Covid-19 Support Nurse with public health nurses and liaising with supportive living settings.

She has recently commenced teaching and assisting new HCA’s in primary care to complete their 15 Care Standards document.

Corinne has 29 years of nursing experience working in a variety of disciplines and areas such as primary, secondary and community care, to management roles in Nursing Homes, Bed Management and hospital wards. She was a Clinical Sister in a busy Preoperative Assessment Department.

For 13 years, Corinne was a practice nurse at Warwick University. She specialised in travel health and asthma in which she holds a diploma and an ARTP certificate in Spirometry.

Corinne enjoys teaching and educating, and has ENB 998 certificate. She taught large groups of students at Warwick University about travel health for charity trips to Africa.

Support Nurses

Al Moore

Support Nurse


Al is a Registered Nurse and Paramedic. He retired from being a police officer in 2017 after being based at New Scotland Yard with the Specialist Protection department as their clinical lead and medical planner. He was also a military reservist for 25 years.

He lives in Norfolk and is a volunteer paramedic with Norfolk Accident Rescue Service. Al responds from home on blue lights to medical conditions and traumatic injuries and gives his time for free as well as paying for the upkeep of his response vehicle.

He stills practices as a paramedic nurse at sporting events, mass gatherings and on film sets. His work has taken him internationally to Bosnia, sub Saharan Africa and indeed, right across the world. Closer to home he has supervised COVID test centres, delivered vaccines at vaccination hubs and supported the NHS response effort with both the East of England Ambulance Service and the Nightingale hospital in Exeter.

He was awarded the Order of St John medal for his humanitarian work and dedication to prehospital care and has had ten commendations in his police career for bravery, dedication to duty and professionalism.

Christine Gadney

Support Nurse


My name Chris Gadney and I trained and worked as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor many years ago now in South East London. I then took a management and professional supervisor route for Community teams. Finally going into Commissioning Community services and retired as an AD for this 2 years ago. I am now back on the register to help during this terrible pandemic.

In “normal times” I love to travel and have been very fortunate to have been able to do this and I love to spend time with family and friends.

Claire Carmichael

Support Nurse


Claire is a newly qualified General Practice Nurse and vice chair of the GPNSNN. She qualified from Birmingham City University and has 12 years healthcare experience in a range of settings including: Sexual health and family planning, Elderly care homes with dementia, and working with young adults with learning disabilities. When Claire is not working, she does live webinars with Elsevier for students and nurses with tips and advice around university and nursing life and sexual health webinars for us at smart health solutions.

During her time at university, she won inspirational student of the year, received a high achiever’s scholarship and raised over £1,000 for the Cavell Trust charity.
Claire has written articles for best in practice nursing and RCNi and also did a talk at the nursing times careers event in 2019. Claire also has her own blog site and YouTube channel where she shares advice, tips and information for other student nurses but also positive motivation to inspire more people into nursing.

Elizabeth Dodoo

Support Nurse


I have been a nurse for 16 years. I had my training in Kingston university. I have been working on a respiratory ward at the beginning of my career that developed a passion for respiratory care. I am now working as a full time agency nurse. I am a hard working nurse. Patients and family have always made a fantastic impression on me. I have always thought beyond working in hospitals. When the opportunity arose to support the lateral flow testing at the Bromley Civic Centre I was glad and took on the role as a nurse overseeing and supporting the project. I spent time working with a very good team. I love the change.

Fatima Sharifee

Support Nurse


My name is Fatima Sharifee, I qualified in May 2019 from the University of Greenwich as a RN (Hons) and currently work as a Practice Nurse in Lewisham. Prior to becoming a Practice Nurse, I worked as a Haemodialysis Nurse at Royal London Hospital for a short while. I joined as a Covid support nurse in January to help support the London Borough of Bromley’s (LBB) ongoing COVID-19 response. This role required working remotely from home managing emails efficiently with other nurses.

Frances Fuller

Support Nurse


Frances is a registered nurse with a wealth of experience which includes nursing in primary care, CCG service redesign and Public Health. She spent over 25 years working as a practice nurse and qualified as a nurse practitioner in 1994. She later moved to a programme manager role at Lewisham CCG specialising in the redesign of community care services. Her most recent role has been in Public Health where she was responsible for the commissioning of the NHS Health Check programme in Lewisham.

Sarah Grant

Support Nurse


I am an enthusiastic registered nurse with 8 years’ experience of providing nursing care in both medical and community settings. In addition, I am a conscientious professional who is committed to improving standards of care through evaluation, knowledge of research and lifelong learning. I am currently in the process of transitioning into an experienced practice nurse working in GP surgery as part of the primary healthcare team. Within my scope of practice, I have been involved in almost every aspect of patient care and treatment, undertaking such tasks as treating small injuries, helping people manage long term conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory-related diseases, health screening, family planning, sexual and contraceptive advice. travel vaccinations and programs such as vaccinations for flu and health promotion programs to help people to stop smoking. The role enables me to develop a great rapport with individuals and families, managing their conditions and improving physical and mental health and wellbeing. Practise nursing has been an area of interest throughout the years, due to the autonomous nature of the role, being able to inspire and influence positive changes in the holistic wellbeing of my patients and the community at large. I also have a strong passion in health promotion and being a practise nurse will give me the opportunity to further push this agenda and implement changes for the greater good. I have a keen interest in developing improved health care which will have a direct and positive impact on the community around me. This requires me to play a contribution to the public health agenda by improving health outcomes for children and young people. As well as safe administration and delivery of the vaccination across a variety of settings including, schools Immunisation is defined as means of controlling and eradicating life-threatening infectious diseases and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated it prevents between 2 and 3 million deaths globally each year.

I have also had experience working in Dermatology Day Centre, which is a clinical outpatient unit providing a range of topical treatments or dressings for dermatology patients who do not require full hospital admission but require a period of supported treatments for their skin condition I have a wide range of skills based on my experience working with patient’s that have skin conditions such as Atopic Eczema, Psoriasis, Mycosis Fungoides and Vitiligo just to name a few. I also have had previous experiences working in Phototherapy which is a form of treatment where fluorescent light bulbs are used to treat various skin conditions. I was inspired in further developing my understanding in the Eczema Education Programme (EEP) by undertaking a Masters Research project focusing on parents with children diagnosed with eczema and the educational initiative EEP had to offer to parents. Due to witnessing the negative impact on the quality of life parents and children had undergone due to atopic eczema. The research findings highlight that educational interventions and the dermatology department input played a huge role for parents and their children. The referral process to the EEP is also a key factor in supporting parents manage their child’s eczema. I completed my MSc Dissertation on the awarded Eczema Education Programme delivered at St John’s Institute of Dermatology (Paediatric Dermatology). I was awarded at the British Dermatology of Nursing Conference 2019- the best presentation and best poster.

To conclude working as a COVD-19 support nurse has been an amazing experience so far and loved every minute of it ,as it has given me a great opportunity in consolidating all my experience attained so far. Furthermore, expanded my knowledge in liaising with a range of professionals with the local authority of Bromley in the digital world.

Una O'Connor

Support Nurse


I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in London in 1988. I spent many years in primary care across district nursing and school nursing in the London area. After achieving my American Registered Nurse licence, I returned to acute care in preparation for emigration securing a post working in Intensive Care, embracing the challenge of learning new skills and extending my knowledge despite my years. Unfortunately, life threw a curved ball and plans changed and I made the decision to take early retirement. I continued with voluntary work managing support groups; one for parents of children with visual impairment and another for parents of young persons with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

When former nurses were approached to return to practice I accepted and am excited to work with Smart Health Solutions as a Covid-19 Support Nurse in addition to joining their ‘Learn With Nurses’ team, as I love the diversity that nursing brings with the opportunity to change direction no matter what your age or experience, to continually broaden knowledge.