Bromley Health Protection and Care Champions Network

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Then, following on from the relaunch

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What is the network?

You will be part of a peer led group coming from a diverse range of settings to share knowledge, standardise practice, mutual support, encourage and develop a forum in which we can share ideas and maintain good practice.

Why now?

During these unprecedented times we have learnt how isolating it can be to work alone, how vulnerable we feel for our own and our client’s health and safety. We have recognised the importance of maintaining safe environments and assessing risk. By creating a community of like-minded individuals we can maintain what we have learnt, we can stay ahead of change, and we can work together to create a strong foundation for the future.

What is a Health Protection and Care Champion?

A HPC Champion is someone who works to help protect the residents, relatives, visitors and staff they work with in reducing any impact of infectious disease. This is achieved by creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment through knowledge-based care.

This can be achieved through our network of Champions, you will be supported and guided by expert advice and effective collaboration from infection prevention & control and public health nurses. This will help mitigate the impact of infectious disease, resulting in your settings becoming happier, safer places.

Anyone can be a HPC Champion. We want you to be a source of knowledge and guidance for your colleagues. We want you to have a desire to learn more about health protection, so that you can support others. We want you to have your say in how your workplace provides care and looks after each other and your environment.

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Express an interest and sign up online! All training will be given and you can become an integral part of the Health Protection Network.

What is on offer?

We want you to be involved, have a say on what matters to you and your workplace. Not only will you have the opportunity to network with colleagues and become part of a team, you will also achieve personal development and encourage others to feel empowered and enjoy maintaining excellent standards of care for all in your settings.

What’s next?

You can be part of this new and exciting group of inter-connected people. Sign up by the 25th March. We will be offering some short educational on-line, drop-in sessions on what’s involved in your network, the benefits to your settings and health protection education run by nurses working in public health. Join us and be there at the start of something wonderful.