NHS Health Check Training Needs Analysis 

An insight into competency and training needs across NHS Health Check providers.


The NHS Health Check is a deceptively complicated and challenging programme. However, without ensuring that staff delivering checks are competent and confident, we won’t be able to impact overall CVD outcomes of inequalities. 

The pandemic and staff turnover has further hampered, which means that many NHS Health Check Programmes have multiple challenges to overcome to achieve the ambitions of this national programme. 

An ideal way to ensure that any training meets the needs of the staff delivering the service is by gaining insight through a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). 


Baseline analysis across the workforce who are involved in the delivery of NHS Health Checks, using the national NHS Health Check competency framework.

Identify the training needs to inform commissioners for the planning of subsequent training. 

Highlight areas of good practice and Identify practices that do not engage with the TNA process 


1.           Agree on objectives/aims/questions with Commissioner 

2.           Design and test the Survey 

3.           On-line distribution of Survey to GP Practices  

4.           Reminders to complete 

5.           Collation of responses 

6.           Analysis of responses 

7.           Production of Report with recommendations 

8.           Presentation of Report 

Examples of questions answered

  • Level of competency (self-assessment)  
  • Past training 
  • The time involved in NHSHC 
  • Level of involvement Admin/Delivery/Governance 
  • Future training needs 
  • Role 
  • Up to 2 free text boxes for ‘other questions to be agreed’ 
How long might it take  

6-8 weeks 


How much will it cost?  

£3,995 exclusive of VAT for up to 50 practices 


Impact of a TNA. 

Proven to be effective for 4 areas that have already had a Training Needs Assessment from Smart Health Solutions

Michaela Nuttall, Founder and Director of Smart Health Solutions
‘The TNA highlighted that many Health Care Professionals are keen to return to face-to-face events for Health Check training. In response, we are reintroducing two face-to-face NHS Health Check Clinical Refresher sessions, one for Nurses and one for Health Care Assistants.’   

London Commissioner in Public health for NHS Health Checks 

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Michaela Nuttall, Founder and Director of Smart Health Solutions

Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc

Founder & Director Smart Health Solutions

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We are a registered Centre for the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), and HEART UK supports our cardiovascular training. The NHS Health Check Competency Framework underpins our training.
We are proud of our strong heritage in supporting the NHS Health Check Programme, especially for training we have been providing since 2008 and that we have won all training tenders we have bid for.