We have been made aware that there is a company trying to fraudulently portray themselves as Smart Health Solutions and that they are trying to get people to give their credit card details to pay for non-existent webinars. 

If you see anything related to www.smarthealthsolutions.org (note the .org suffix), please ignore as this is NOT us, it is a SCAM.   

They have replicated their content to look like ours and some of it is quite realistic.  ONLY sign-up to events marketed by smarthealthsolutions.co.uk, or that you see directly on our web site. 

Apologies for the inconvenience, we are trying to report these fraudulent activities to the relevant authority, but the process takes time. 

Covid-19 Update: All of our training sessions are now virtual, and run as online webinars

The heart of Cardiovascular disease prevention and NHS Health Check training

What We Do


Training is at the heart of what we do and we are proud that we receive 99% Excellent or Good rating for our training.

Work We've Done

We host a range of regular health related conference events, and you can find out more here.

Covid-19 Support Nurses Project

A unique group of highly trained nurses, working remotely to Support the London Borough of Bromley.

ABC Training

This course is aimed to equip clinical teams with knowledge & skills, who routinely deliver much of the long-term management and support of patients with CVD.

NHS Health Checks Engagement

We hold regular NHS Health Check training courses for Primary Healthcare professionals such as HCA’s, nurses and receptionists.

Share The Pressure

Created by healthcare professionals to support patient education and facilitate shared decision making in the management of high blood pressure.

Meet The Team

Michaela Nuttall - Director - Smart Health Solutions

Michaela Nuttall
Clinical Director

Mark Jones - Managing Director - Smart Health Solutions

Mark Jones
Managing Director

Mark Jones - Managing Director - Smart Health Solutions

Helen Williams FFRPS, FRPharmS

Joanne Loades

Joanne Loades
Nurse consultant in Cardiovascular Disease

Jane Hickson
Financial Controller

Ewa Zborowska
Training Co-ordinator