Welcome to Share the Pressure

Share the Pressure has been created by healthcare professionals to support patient education and facilitate shared decision making in the management of high blood pressure​.

Share The Pressure is a pilot project that will be delivered through a partnership between three organisations: C3 Collaborating for Health, Younger Lives, and Smart Health Solutions. Share the Pressure is part of Project Change – a Europe-wide programme that was established under the European Innovation Partnership Action on Healthy and Active Ageing, in collaboration with Upjohn, a Pfizer division. Share the Pressure is supported by Blood Pressure UK.

How can it help my patients?​

Patients can take an assessment on a specially designed website, that is based on scientifically validated ‘heart age’ risk scores and receive a tailored results report. The report will contain evidence-based recommendations and advice underpinned by proven behaviour change techniques. This will help inform and prepare patients for their consultations, whether in person or remotely, and for shared decision making around managing their blood pressure. Shared decision making has been shown to support adherence to treatment plans and improves patient experience and outcomes.​

How can it help me?​

As well as benefitting your patients Share the Pressure provides a wealth of resources and tools to support healthcare professionals in the management of blood pressure. Share the Pressure also provides high quality learning opportunities to support your own continuing professional development and any revalidation requirements.

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