Welcome to Share the Pressure

Who is it for?​
This version of Share The Pressure has been developed as part of a joint initiative by Smart Health Solutions, The Race Equality Foundation and Younger Lives to raise awareness of raised blood pressure in Black African and Caribbean people, to encourage and support them to seek help for raised blood pressure and to promote shared decision making with healthcare professionals in managing raised blood pressure together.

How can it help my patients?​
Patients can take an assessment on a specially designed website, including scientifically validated ‘heart age’ scores and receive a report which will contain evidence-based recommendations and advice underpinned by proven behaviour change techniques.  The purpose of the whole process is to help inform and prepare patients for their consultations, whether in person or remotely, and for shared decision making around managing their blood pressure.  Shared decision-making between patients and healthcare professionals has been shown to support adherence to treatment plans and improves patient experience and outcomes.​ Share The Pressure is designed to support that process

How can it help me?​
As well as benefitting your patients Share the Pressure provides a wealth of resources and tools to support healthcare professionals in the management of blood pressure.  Share the Pressure also provides high quality learning opportunities to support your own continuing professional development and any revalidation requirements.

Resources for Healthcare Profesionals 

Resources for your patients

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