VTE In The Hospitalised Patient

A collaboration between Smart Health Solutions and Learn With Nurses, supported by Viatris

Every 37 seconds somebody in the western world dies from a venous thromboembolism (VTE).

Most of these are related to a hospital admission and all healthcare professionals have an essential role to play in preventing and managing VTE. 


Have a look, listen or play with our VTE series including our on-demand webinar, podcasts or The Big Quiz, where we aim to improve knowledge and confidence in:

    • Prevention of VTE
    • Early identification of VTE
    • Diagnosing VTE
    • Management of VTE


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Michaela Nuttall, Founder and Director of Smart Health Solutions


Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc

Director, Smart Health Solutions

Founder, Learn With Nurses

Joanne Haws RN MSc

Clinical Director, Smart Health Solutions

Clinical Director, Learn With Nurses

Joanne Haws, Clinical Director of Smart Health Solutions

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