Naomi Stetson RGN Dip N FBIHS

Naomi Stetson


Naomi is a Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease specialist nurse, she trained at UCLH and completed her specialist training at the University of Glasgow. Currently she is Lead Nurse at Peart Rose Hypertension Clinic. Naomi has been part of the British and Irish Hypertension Society for 20 years and has developed training modules on their behalf. She was part of the NICE CG127 Hypertension Guidelines and the Topic Expert Group. She has a breadth of experience in both Primary and Secondary Care and has delivered education programmes both in the Europe and Africa.

Naomi was the Project Co-Ordinator for the Covid-19 Support Nurse Project with Smart Health Solutions during the height of the pandemic and was part of the team delivering the Health Protection and Care Champions Network