South West London ICS: Health Literacy Training

Welcome to your Health Literacy Training booking page

Please book onto one of the dates for the three different sessions, and it is best to do them in order.

These interactive 1-hour sessions will start at 6.30 pm on Zoom.

  1. Basic Health Literacy


  • To have the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to use health information
  • To have the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to pass on health information to members of the community
  • To have a basic understanding of what the NHS is and how it works


02-Mar 2022 |  Book Here

23-Mar 2022 |  Book Here

16-May 2022 | Book Here

2. Basic Long-term Conditions


  • To have a basic understanding of (preventable) long-term conditions

                  – Type 2 diabetes

                  – Heart disease & cardiovascular disease

                  – Lung disease

                 – Cancer

  • To know more about the risk factors
  • To understand what can be done do to modify these risks


08-Apr 2022 |  Book Here

26-Apr 2022 |  Book Here

07-Jun 2022 | Book Here

3. Consolidation of Learning


  • To have a basic understanding of

                  – Integrated care systems 

                  – Primary Care Networks 

                  – The role of pharmacies 

                 – When should someone visit A&E 

                 – Who do you call when? 

                 – How the NHS funded and how funding flows 

  • To be able to navigate people within health and social care systems


27-Apr 2022 |  Book Here

03-May 2022 |  Book Here

15-Jun 2022 | Book Here


There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and get involved. 

At the end of completing all three sessions, you will receive a certificate of attendance.