The aim of Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery is :

  • To help to raise awareness of the profession by contributing to and actively participating in a specific element of the programme; Media & Public, Schools or Attrition.
  • Ignite registered and student midwives to champion the profession and opportunities in midwifery and help transform perceptions of midwifery
  • Demonstrate that the ambassador movement is building energy for change across the country and making a tangible difference

The role of the Midwifery Ambassador
To lead or contribute to the regional and local delivery of the Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery programme and be a role model as a confident, credible professional.
• Promote Midwifery as a first-choice career option for young people (Recruitment and Entry)
• Enhance current midwives’ pride in the profession (Attrition)
• Influence the (media) representation of the profession and promote the view of midwifery amongst the (public) as a highly trusted and clinically expert profession

The specific responsibilities of a Midwifery Ambassador are:
• Contribute to and actively participate within a particular element of the programme (Media & Public, Schools or Attrition)
• Acting as a local advocate of midwifery, representing the profession in a positive light and by doing so, building awareness and positive perceptions of midwifery
• Creating a bridge between activities to promote local and nationwide campaigns
• Speaking for local organisations and the midwives in them within the national campaign
• Acting on the “calls to action” from the national campaign and shaping them so they will work in a local context
• Contribute to the development of ideas, including participating in training and workshops
• Leading the local version of the campaign and getting other midwives engaged and taking action
• Representing the programme at local launches and events
• Increasing awareness by promoting the programme through a variety of channels that might include social media, workshops and blogs
• Demonstrating the impact of the campaign
• Investing in own development to be able to carry out the role successfully

Who can be an ambassador?

Any registered midwife or student midwife who is:
• A passionate advocate for the midwifery profession
• Adaptable and eager to try new approaches
• Up for the leadership challenge of spreading change and influence
• Able to participate in at least six virtual meetings per year (or watch the recording)
Being a Midwifery Ambassador is a voluntary role.

What training and support do Midwifery Ambassadors get?
Ambassadors can participate in a nationwide programme of events and campaigns and link up with other midwifery ambassadors from across the region and country. All ambassadors will receive support and guidance from Smart Health Solutions Team to carry out the role with skills and confidence.
• Coaching to develop your digital and virtual collaboration skills
• Access to resources to work with children in schools to promote midwifery as a career of choice
• Developing skills to promote midwifery with politicians
• Influencing including blog writing, podcasts and maximising social media
• Measurement of change and showing impact
Of course, this adds to your portfolio for revalidation purposes

Ambassadors need to be nominated by their Head of Midwifery / Director of Midwifery
Keen midwives approach your HoM/Dom with a supporting statement
The Head of Midwifery /Director of Midwifery selects midwives to proceed to the nomination process.

Recruitment is currently in the process of being handed over to the regions.  If you would like to nominate, please contact us and we can direct you to your regional lead.

Applications are subject to approval by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Midwifery Ambassadors are encouraged to join the Midwifery Hub within the Future NHS website to connect, learn and share with fellow ambassadors.


Meetings consist of national, regional and special interest events and each type is scheduled bi-monthly. Dates are published within the Midwifery hub on the Future NHS website.