Cholesterol and BP Testing

Using only experienced qualified nurses we have delivered successful blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular health checks across the country.  Each event was individually designed and evaluated.

Aldo Zillis restaurants
The wonderful Aldo continues to support HEART UK where our nurses tested 80 diners cholesterol levels.

House of Commons
Twice our nurses has visited the House of Commons to perform cholesterol tests on MPs and other members of government.

Porta Communications.
41 employees had cholesterol tested by several of our nurses

Swindon Football Club
On a warm morning before a home match 84 supporters had their cholesterol tested by our nurses

3,400 cardiovascular checks by our qualified nurses across 15 sites, even covering the night shift.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir – Neasden Temple
Over 100 temple attendees had their cholesterol tested by just one very busy nurse over a weekend

Please contact the office directly for more information about the events on 0330 124 1966