By Claire Carmichael, GPN SNN Ambassador (Midlands & East)


When I had the offer to go on a leadership programme with a ShinyMind coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was a programme which ran over a day and a half. I had a mixture of nerves but excitement for a programme that was going to help me with being a GPNSNN ambassador. I knew that this programme was aimed at more public speaking and this was something I really needed as it was something that terrified me. The coaches Bec and Danni were amazing from start to finish. They pushed us to become our best selves; I was pushed across my own fears of public speaking. They taught me fantastic techniques to help me control my emotions and focus on my message. I’m still not 100% certain how they did it, but my fear was erased and replaced with excitement for public speaking. I now look forward to presenting and speaking to a room full of people and using this to inspire, motivate and get my message into people’s hearts.

Watch Claire’s video reflection