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Do you need quick access to short-term support from an experienced nurse on a specific

clinical, administrative or managerial project?

Smart Heath Solutions are here to help!


We offer clinical and professional consultancy services with a team of highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurses, practising at the top of their field. 

We can provide a professional review of systems and processes to improve efficiency, optimise income and improve outcomes for both patients and provider.

We can turn good ideas into attractive business cases and service plans for quality improvement.




Workforce Analysis

Workforce Development Planning

Coaching and supporting leadership skills

Facilitation of clinical and professional forums

Clinical Supervision


Business Case Development

Review of Demand, Capacity and Flow

Preparation and application support for CQC Registration

Development of Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Clinical Governance Systems and Support


In Practice

Sarah provided specialist advice for a surgery with a Diabetes Register of approximately 900 patients to create a safer and more effective system for patient care, clinician communication and achievement through the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF).

  • A complete review and evaluation of the current system was undertaken with an ongoing plan for quality improvement. Included in the full system improvement were:
  • a review of call and recall systems including a ‘three-step, catch-all’ safety net for non-attenders
  • development of a bespoke clinical template, with sections for each individual HCP role incorporating prompts and reminders
  • embedded links and clinical coding for each stage of proactive care planning and review, facilitating direct reporting for achievement indicators, including QoF and clinical audit
  • Standard Operating Procedures and user training for clinicians and administrators on the new system

The project improved workflow, released clinician capacity, improved patient experience and satisfaction, and increased income for the Practice.  The recall system was also wholly transferable to other LTCs for future Practice-led improvements.

At PCN level

Jo worked with PCN Data Facilitators to identify high intensity users of unplanned care.  Through profiling the cohort of patients identified Jo and the team were able to identify care needs incorporating the wider determinants of health and the functions required to support these.  This enabled bespoke workforce modelling to proactively and effectively utilise roles funded through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS). 

This work informed provided the data, planning and KPI’s for a detailed business case to implement a new service that would reduce demand for unplanned services and improve patient outcomes.

In Public Health:  

Michaela and Jo recruited and managed a virtual team of twenty nurses to support a Public Health Department’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a dedicated Public Health COVID email inbox, online training and in-person clinical support for testing sites.   

 Sarah created a workflow process to manage and prioritise the overwhelming number of incoming support requests from local care providers, voluntary organisations, businesses and individuals. 

The team developed and maintained Standard Operating Procedures for triage, response, escalation, and governance.  They also developed and delivered online training for care homes, supported living and extra care staff whilst providing clinical support, guidance and oversight for lateral flow testing centres.


“Joanne Haws is a committed, well informed and passionate Nurse that generously shares her time and dedication to high standards of clinical practice with colleagues. She has helped support a team of nurses through a challenging time and reinvigorated their focus and direction. She has introduced good standards of care through sympathetic policies and procedures. 

Jo’s professionalism is evident in her role within the Strategic committee of the organisation, offering measured feedback and support……”

Director, General Practice Provider Organisation, East of England

“Sarah O’Donnell put together a diabetes template on behalf of our practice in July 2023 of last year. 

Sarah worked diligently and put a lot of time & effort into the creation of this template and as a result CQC were impressed with the template she had created. In addition, one of our Primary care Colleagues who works in the Assist GP team was also impressed by the high standards of the template. Sarah has also assisted the practice with numerous policies, which the practice has incorporated.”

Practice Manager, North West


Michaela Nuttall, Founder and Director of Smart Health Solutions

Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc

Director & Founder

Burdett Trust for Nurses

Award Winner

MedAll Exceptional Educator

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Joanne Haws, Clinical Director of Smart Health Solutions

Joanne Haws RN MSc

Clinical Director

Burdett Trust for Nurses

Award Winner

MedAll Exceptional Educator

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Sarah O’Donnell RN BSc(Hons)

PG Cert Adv. Nurse

Independent Prescriber

Clinical Lead

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Una O’Connor RGN MSc

Operations Manager

Burdett Trust for Nurses

Award Winner

MedAll Exceptional Educator

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