Improving the lives of people who have a learning disability

The NHS (2019) define a learning disability as a significant and lifelong condition, whereby an individual has difficulty processing new or complex information and may struggle to learn new skills. As learning disability nurses, we often see patients from all ages, backgrounds and at various stages throughout their lives in respect of any healthcare need.

People with a learning disability often have poorer health outcomes, this is reported by Equality and Human Rights Commission (2019). Diagnostic overshadowing plays a large part in the misdiagnoses or late access to timely treatment. As learning disability nurses, it is our duty to meet the needs of every individual in our care. Not only does this include our daily nursing skills, tasks and interactions, it includes our upholding of human rights, and advocating for the health needs of our patient group to be met. A large focus from the development of this website will focus on education and the sharing of best practice to always strive for the best possible outcomes.

Taking a holistic approach to improving quality of life is a fundamental aspect of learning disability nursing. Learning disability nursing is such a rewarding career, with multiple opportunities for career paths.

Why we need to educate!

  •  to reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities.
  • to reduce diagnostic overshadowing in all aspects of healthcare.
  • to share and understand the impact poor health outcomes can have on people with learning disabilities.
  • to strive for the best possible quality of care.
  • to make reasonable adjustments and make healthcare accessible for all.
  • to promote best practice, and to share tips to form a network of passionate nurses.
  • to promote learning disability nursing and inform others what we do.

What are reasonable adjustments?

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