Future LD nurse network


Aim and mission!

This platform has been developed for, and by passionate students and nurses to promote Learning Disability Nursing. Our aim is to raise awareness and insight into the field of learning disability nursing and how being a learning disability nurse can improve the lives of those with a learning disability.

Our values are based in line with all local and national frameworks, such as the NHS Values and the 6 C’s. However, we have a real passion to promote inclusion, choice, equality and diversity within our practice. We will strive for the best possible care and support for our patients and their families, advocating and educating for and about reasonable adjustments.

No two days are the same within learning disability nursing, and this offers a rewarding career choice, with the option for so many differing job opportunities.

This platform aims to share best practice, champion learning disability nursing and showcase our diverse skillset and as always, our positive attitudes!

Are you?

  • Studying to be an LD nurse / a nurse considering LD?
  • Enthusiastic and want to make a difference?
  • Keen to promote LD nursing?
  • Willing to share best practice?


Then why not become a member of the Future LD Nurse network?

What will you get?

  • Safe space for students and nurses to share experiences and learning while in LD settings

  • Forum to share skills, resources, stories, opportunities.

  • A way to stay connected with other LD nurses.

  • Monthly rolling online programme

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Get involved in awareness days and other opportunities

Improving the lives of people who have a learning disability

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