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Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Heart Attacks and Angina

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Benecol - Cholesterol lowering through diet

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What the attendees say about our webinars

I really enjoyed this webinar – speaker explained in an easy to understand way the topic. Well presented slides and a very informative presentation.


The delivery was great. Very basic and super easy to understand. I love the question bit at the end. Really helpful. Thank you!

Student Nurse

First time I have attended a webinair. This was excellent, so impressed. Such a good educational tool.

Practice Nurse

I love these sessions! I find them so interesting and useful! Thank you so much.

Practice Nurse

I work as an anti-coagulation nurse so I wanted to see what the delivery of this webinar was like so I can recommend others to my nursing team. It was really well delivered, clear and easy to understand – thank you.

Nurse Lead

Everything was amazing, thank you!

Staff Nurse

Very good explanation in a simple way where knowledge can be digested.

Student ANA

Really helpful to just go back to basics for once. Thank you.

Practice Nurse

I am really happy with how much is offered for free on such important topics that I can often struggle to understand as a student but would like to be able to understand when I qualify in 2021, so thank you!

Second Year Student Nurse

Thank you for making them accessible to student nurses too!

Student Nurse

Thank you for putting on the webinars. They are so useful. Love they are bite size.

Student Nurse

The hosts delivery was absolutely brilliant. Its great to see a fellow nurse show such enthusiasm.

Practice Nurse

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